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The inspectors at Weldtest New Zealand have sound knowledge and understanding of both the design and welding standards necessary for all aspects of inspection and testing.

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Welder Qualifications / Welding Tickets The technicians at Weldtest New Zealand provide Welding Certifications.

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Weldtest New Zealand Inspections & Testing Services Visual Inspections Ultrasonic Testing Magnetic Testing Penetrant.

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Weld Procedure Specification A Weld Procedure Specification (WPS) is a documented instruction to welding.

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We have experienced inspectors who possess excellent knowledge and understanding of the design and welding standards. We provide a broad range of inspection and testing services and we help to refine your processes.

4.82 Non Destructive Tests by Ultrasonics (a) Ultrasonic examination of metals (i) Single wall, rolled or wrought product Fe Thickness Measurements Corrosion Pitting (ii) Welded joints Fe 4.83 Non Destructive Tests by Visual Inspection (a) Visual inspection of metals (i) Flat or rolled product Al, Fe, SS (ii) Welded joints Al, Fe, SS 4.85 Non Destructive Tests by Magnetic Particle Methods (a) Magnetic flow method (i) Welded joints.

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