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Advantages of Magnetic Particle Inspection

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This time we wanted to get away from the serious tech talk and go back to basics. This fortnight we are discussing the advantages of Magnetic Testing. Before we jump right to the advantages, it is important to note that Magnetic Particle Inspection is also known as Magnetic Testing (often abbreviated MPI or MT). And it is a surface method of non-destructive testing (NDT).

One main advantage we here at Weldtest all agree on is that Magnetic Particle Inspection is uncomplicated and quick to carry out. So the Weldtest technician can immediately see any indication of defects. This means that using MT provides the technician with immediate results and there is no waiting time.

Magnetic Testing is also great because it shows surface and near surface defects. These type of defects are primarily the most important kinds because it is where the stresses of the weld concentrate.

Another huge advantage of Magnetic Particle Inspection is that it is portable. Therefore MT can be used in a workshop as well as on site. It is especially useful in confined spaces. In addition small and large items can be inspected both easily and quickly.

Lastly by no means least, Magnetic Particle Inspection is a cost effective method of NDT.

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