Visual Inspection Overview

This fortnight we are looking at Visual Inspections and providing a brief but interesting overview. Visual inspections are one of the most common and oldest forms of non-destructive testing (NDT). Although to be technically correct, a visual inspection is really an examination rather than a test. The difference being that a test requires equipment being […]

Advantages of Magnetic Particle Inspection

Hello to you all! Hope you are having a fantastic week. This time we wanted to get away from the serious tech talk and go back to basics. This fortnight we are discussing the advantages of Magnetic Testing. Before we jump right to the advantages, it is important to note that Magnetic Particle Inspection is […]

The difference between surface methods of non-destructive testing and volumetric testing

This fortnight we look at the difference between surface methods of non-destructive testing (NDT) and volumetric testing. A surface method means just that: It is a test of the outside of the weld or component, to establish whether or not cracks or other defects exist on the outer surface, which would otherwise not be detected […]

The Importance Of Welding Personnel Operating Under Qualified Weld Procedures

This time we look at the importance of welding personnel operating under qualified weld procedures and as importantly, demonstrating their competence to those procedures by way of mechanical or non-destructive volumetric testing. The advantage with having welding personnel qualified to a specific weld procedure, is that it can then be proven that the welder has […]

Welder qualifications under AS/NZS 2980 & ISO 9606-1

Have you ever wanted to know more about AS/NZS 2980 and ISO 9606-1? If the answer is ‘yes’,  you are in luck! As this fortnight we are discussing welder qualifications under AS/NZS 2980 and ISO 9606-1. Both standards have been developed to provide welder qualifications for the welding of carbon steel (mild steel), low and high […]

What does “QUALITY” mean to Weldtest New Zealand?

This week we wanted to shift our focus internally, and explore what quality means to us here at Weldtest New Zealand. We at Weldtest New Zealand believe that quality is required in all areas of our business to obtain ‘best practice’.  We aim to ensure quality is fully embedded in our objectives and values by […]