Weldtest NZ Limited

What does “QUALITY” mean to Weldtest New Zealand?

This week we wanted to shift our focus internally, and explore what quality means to us here at Weldtest New Zealand.

We at Weldtest New Zealand believe that quality is required in all areas of our business to obtain ‘best practice’.  We aim to ensure quality is fully embedded in our objectives and values by establishing a solid foundation for growth and sustainability.

Quality in all aspects, allows us to achieve ‘best practice’ and we are able to measure quality through internal and external benchmarks. These benchmarks provide building blocks for continuous improvement.

Weldtest New Zealand is dedicated to achieving high quality standards for our services through the application and compliance of AS/NZ ISO/IEC 17025.

We are committed to defining our position in the marketplace and understanding how relevant factors may affect our strategic direction and our organizational context. Weldtest identifies, analyses, monitors and reviews influences so we are able not only to meet and exceed industry standards but also to meet and exceed client expectations.

Weldtest New Zealand aims to act as an industry guide and seeks to always provide best advice for our clients for the most appropriate type of testing or inspection for their relevant application.

Our inspectors and technicians are subject to in house audits for the continuation of technical skill demonstrations and complete knowledge and understanding of the latest edition of the standards utilized.

These audits are in addition to the mandatory competence certifications that our technicians hold under the Australian/New Zealand and international certification bodies.?
Weldtest New Zealand believes this difference is especially important as it ensures technicians are constantly being tested themselves to ensure they are always on top of their game, to ensure the comprehensive quality testing of your products.

In the next article we look at welder qualifications under AS/NZS 2980 and ISO 9606-1.